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(to enter a "0" simply do not press "Add to Cart" button for that unit)

Information about making your on-line payments to Karl's House Check...

► No PayPal account is needed to make payments - you can pay with any accepted credit card such as MasterCard, VISA,  Discover, etc.


► To pay an invoice, select the amount from the drop-down menu in each box, click "Add to Cart" until your "Shopping Cart" total matches your invoice.


► Calculate the amount paid down to the penny to match your invoice or round up to the next dollar - you choose.


► Payments are securely processed through PayPal which is probably the #1 online payment processor in the whole world.


► You will be asked for complete customer address and payment details when automatically transferred to the secure PayPal website and click on the "Checkout" button. Since payments are processed through PayPal, Karl's House Check does not retain ANY of your confidential credit card information.

► No additional cost - you pay the same "amount due" to KHC regardless if you pay by check via US Mail or online via this website & PayPal.


► Upon completion of the payment processing, you will receive an email receipt - most often within moments of your payment - and KHC receives an email notification of payment received.


► Apologies in advance for this roundabout way to pay bills and make the total match your invoice. Currently, PayPal has not designed payment "buttons" where the client decides on the total amount (except donations). The "buttons" available are for fixed dollar amounts - so I created the $$$. unit buttons allowing you to "custom tailor" your total amount.